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Strategic Supply Management Associates is a supply chain strategy and business process focused management consulting firm. We specialize in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement, materials management and manufacturing operations. We optimize business processes and align the supply chain strategy to drive value throughout the enterprise. Our business approach and considerable cross-industry experience make us uniquely qualified to benefit our clients.

We work differently than other consulting companies. Our experienced supply chain business advisors use a business process approach backed by rigorous data analyses to solve complex supply chain problems. We follow three essential principles to drive the highest value for our clients:

1. Identify opportunities to cut costs and increase throughput by eliminating redundancies, reducing waste, and increasing yield. These performance gains improve resource utilization and employee effectiveness which ultimately result in achieving and sustaining higher profitability.

2. Leverage our clients' existing technology investments to align operations and optimize process efficiency and effectiveness.  We recognize the value that business systems bring to process management. As such, we work with available technologies to enable process improvements to sustain supply chain improvement benefits.

3. Leverage the resources within our client companies instead of bringing in an army of consultants. We place a few, very experienced business advisors to assess the problems, design the solutions and guide the organization throughout the transformation. 

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