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Strategic Supply Management Associates views the Procurement organization as a strategic, value-creating group. We provide expertise in four key areas of Procurement to minimize the total cost and risk of purchased materials and services while maximizing flexibility and reliability.

Purchasing Strategy
The purchasing strategy must align with the enterprise's supply chain strategy and integrate with the manufacturing strategy. Our business advisors work with our clients' key executives to develop or refine the purchasing strategy to ensure it properly supports the business. Once developed, a spend portfolio strategy can be developed to guide the Procurement organization toward applying collaborative vs. competitive sourcing strategies with specific commodities or product categories.

Strategic Sourcing
Strategic sourcing optimizes the relationship between the end-users' needs and the supply market's capabilities to obtain the maximum value from the best suppliers. We work with our client teams to create a systematic process for developing and executing tailored sourcing strategies for each commodity or product category to maximize the value.

Transaction Management
Having a contract with a supplier does not ensure that the enterprise is always realizing the highest value. Our business advisors work with our client teams to develop a systematic process that manages the requisition-commit-receive-pay steps of the purchasing process that is also flexible to manage and track exceptions. These processes can be managed centrally, yet executed locally.

Supplier Relationship Management
All suppliers are not created equally, nor should they be managed the same. We work with our clients to develop effective supplier relationship management strategies for the different tiers of suppliers within your supplier portfolio. We also develop tailored processes for managing suppliers within each tier. These management processes allow new suppliers to be rapidly integrated into the enterprise and then effectively managed throughout the relationship lifecycle.

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