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Manufacturing is the heart of a product-producing enterprise. As such, cost effectively making a high-quality product that meets the customer's changing needs is essential to maintaining a competitive edge. Strategic Supply Management Associates provides expertise in four key areas of Manufacturing to help clients maintain agility and cost competitiveness.

Manufacturing Strategy
True demand changes over time. An enterprise's manufacturing strategy must be reviewed periodically to make sure its production line and stocking practices are aligned to efficiently and effectively meet true demand. Signs of a misaligned manufacturing strategy include shortages, high inventories and poor quality performance. We work with our clients to develop the best manufacturing strategy to meet the variability in true demand.

Lean Manufacturing
Shortening production cycle times by eliminating waste is crucial to a lean production environment. We lead client teams through a methodical process using Kaizen principles to implement just-in-time production techniques. By collapsing production cycle times, we help our clients move from a make-to-stock toward a make-to-order fulfillment model.

Inventory Management
How often does your business have too much of what you don't need and not enough of what you do need? The notion of "we need more inventory" is often misleading. Inventory issues are often the manifestation of conflicting practices and incentives across organization boundaries. Our business advisors work cross-functionally within the client's supply chain groups to diagnose the root causes of inventory issues and implement plans that dramatically increase inventory turns without harming customer service levels.

Quality Management
Quality is made into a product, not inspected into a product. Using statistical process control techniques, we work with our clients to develop robust production processes that consistently yield high quality products. Focusing on reducing variation allows manufacturers to predict quality failures before they happen and be proactive in taking corrective action.

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